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Infant Package 







• 40 unedited images (JPEG images).  ​

• 10 edited images (your favorite from 40 unedited images).​

• 2 setup for baby + parent images with baby.​

• Location- outdoor.​

• Session time- 1-2 Hour.​






• 50 unedited images (JPEG images). ​

• 15 edited images (your favourite from 50 unedited images).​

• 3 setup for baby + parent images with baby.​

​• Location- outdoor.​​

​• Session time- 2 Hour.






• 50 unedited images (JPEG images). ​

• 15 edited images (your favourite from 50 unedited images).​

• 3 setup for baby + parent images with baby.​

 • Premium photo book of  size 12*12" of 7 sheets.​​​​​​​​

​• Location- outdoor.​​

​• Session time- 2 Hour.






• All unedited images (JPEG images) from the photoshoot.  ​

• 18 edited images (your favorite from unedited images).​

4 setup for baby + parent images with baby.​

•Premium photo book of  size 12*12" of 8 sheets.​​​​​​​​

• Location- outdoor.​

• Session time- 2-3 Hour.​




• 30 unedited images (JPEG images). 

​• 8 edited  images (your favourite from 30 unedited images).

• 2 setup for baby.

• Location- outdoor.​

​• Session time- 1 Hour.


Additional  ₹2,500/- will be levied for Twin or sibling session on any of the above packages



Album (size 12*12") on matt paper - 7,000/-

Extra edited image - 950/- per image

5 Extra edited image - 3500/-

Extra unedited image(JPEG images) - 400/- per image.

All unedited images(JPEG images) - 4,000/-

Extended family(5-10 unedited JPEG images) - 3500/-

Add location(i.e. Indoor + Outdoor) - 4000/-

Reschedule charges - 5000/-

Terms & Conditions


🕕Processing Time

● Our processing time starts on the date when your payment of the photo- shoot is completed . If your payment is delayed, the process timing mentioned will start on the date your payment is received.

● Your original unprocessed images (or commonly known as raw images) with "Arts By Dhairya" watermark in lower resolution are delivered to you via email within 3 days of your photo-session or after your complete payment(if delayed).

● Once you select the images that you would like to edit and provide it to us,  we will take about  7-10 Days from the date of your selection to process your images.


What are the image sizes you deliver? 

  ●  Unedited Images/ Digital Images– File Format JPEG – Approximate File Size 10 MB

  ●  Edited Images– File Format JPEG –  Approximate File Size 12 MB

What is the purpose of selecting digital images?

● During a photo-shoot session, we may click images that look similar or are continuous shots. 

● We will show you online all the unprocessed images (or commonly known as raw  images) with watermark as part of the selection so that you can select the best one that you like from a series.

● The motive of showing all the original images online to the client from the photo-shoot is only to help them select the best images they like from the set of  images. 

● The original images should not be considered as a deliverable as their purpose is to only help identify the final images from the shoot.

● In case if you want an extra unedited image / edited image you may take it by paying an extra amount which is mentioned in the add-ons section.

What is included in photo editing? 

  ● Our photo editing process is includes

     ◦ Colour Correction

     ◦ Light Correction

     ◦ Basic Skin Retouching

  ● We do not take requests for

      ◦ Image background replacements

      ◦ Making changes to the actual physical appearance of the subjects we capture

      ◦ Adding additional elements to a photograph


● We use a cloud based service to deliver all images.

● You will receive an email from us with a link to download your edited images. Once you receive the link, you broadly have 60 days to download the link before the link expires.

● Once edited images are approved by you then we design your album (according to your package or add-on ), share it to you for preview. Prints are ready within a week. 

● Your shoot can only be completed when you timely submit your selected images required for editing and printing. We can only store your data for 90 days from the date of the shoot. 

● In case you do not submit your selected images in 90 days, your package will close and we would not be liable for any refunds nor would you claim any returns or exchanges.


$ Payments Terms

What mode of payment do you accept? 

 ● We accept  PAYTM / UPI / NEFT / IMPS, & CASH.


When is the payment done ? 

 ●Full payment to be done on the day of the shoot after the completion of the photoshoot.

Photo-shoot booking process

 ● Shoots require a booking token of Rs. 2,000/-. You have to pay the token amount to confirm your booking.

 ● This amount will be adjusted in your package total.

 ● If you cancel or postpone the session within 72 hours of the shoot, this amount is non-refundable.

 ● If you cancel prior to 72 hours, you will get a full refund.

 ● If you postpone prior to 72 hours, this amount is adjusted towards your postponed session.


✔Logo Policy

● All edited images will have our logo in either black or white colour within  the digital image. The position of the logo is in the left side corner of the image.

● The logo position cannot be decided by the client.

●  Albums and Images we print for you do not have any logos.

●  Unedited images do not have any logos.


©Image Copyright

● International and Indian laws assign the copyright of the photograph to the creators of a photograph.

● Photographs are protected under copyright law as artistic work under Section2 (c) of Copyright Act 1957 in India.

● Photographer is the first owner of the copyright in a work created by him/her.

● Photographers have the right to recreate their photographs.

● Sometimes, it is thought that when someone gets a photo-session done or buys a print, they own the photographs. However, this is not true.

● Copyright infringements, recreating photographs without permission, can result in civil and criminal penalties.

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